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Family Planning

Having a plan is an important step — we can help you plan ahead for you and your family's future.

Whether you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, annual well-woman exams provide an overall assessment of your health. This includes a physical and pelvic exam as well as an opportunity to talk to your OB-GYN provider about your health and reproductive options.

If you are not planning on becoming pregnant, there are a number of options that you and your OB/GYN provider can discuss.

Birth Control

Birth control is any activity, equipment or medication used to prevent pregnancy. Our Omaha and Council Bluffs OB-GYN providers can consult with you on the various birth control methods suited for your situation. Non-prescription methods include spermicides, abstinence, male condoms, female condoms or natural family planning. 

Methods that require a visit to your health care provider for a prescription include oral contraceptives (birth control pills), the mini-pill, implants, injections, diaphragms, cervical caps, hormonal contraceptive rings, intrauterine devices (IUD), intrauterine systems (IUS) and nonsurgical sterilization. 

Planning Ahead

If you are looking to become pregnant, advanced planning is key to you and your baby’s health. Your Methodist Women's Center OB-GYN provider will perform a pre-pregnancy exam that includes a pelvic exam, pregnancy test, pap smear, review of your family and medical history, vaccinations, diet and lifestyle (if needed) and screening for genetic conditions.

Taking steps prior to becoming pregnant can help reduce the risk of complications and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. These steps include smoking cessation, a proper diet, proper weight and exercise, medical management of preexisting conditions, preventing birth defects with folic acid and avoiding exposure to alcohol and drugs.

For more information, please call (402) 815-1700 or request an appointment online.