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Physical Therapy

Providing you with therapies to help alleviate your chronic pelvic pain.

Multiple organ systems may play a role in chronic pelvic pain. Each of these must be evaluated and treated. Often, when pain has become chronic, more than one condition contributes to the overall problem at the same time.

Our goal is to help you improve as quickly as possible, but complex issues such as chronic pelvic pain take years to develop. It often takes time to notice a significant reduction in pain. Learn more about chronic pelvic pain.

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain

Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center Physical Therapy experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of all the musculoskeletal structures of the abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities and pelvic muscles.

Upon completion of the evaluationb our therapists will develop a therapy plan which may include:

  • Exercises and stretching to alleviate pain
  • Manipulation and stretching of the muscles
  • Biofeedback
  • Stimulation of the nerves
  • Women's Physical Therapy may benefit the following pelvic pain issues:
  • Urgency/frequency
  • Pain
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Organ prolapse
  • Bowl/bladder retention

Our Therapists

The physical therapists at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center Physical Therapy are specially trained to treat women with pelvic pain. They work closely with your physician to evaluate the musculoskeletal causes of your pain and dysfunction.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call our Pelvic Pain & Sexual Medicine clinic at (402) 815-1770.