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Spider Vein Removal

Helping you achieve youthful looking legs.

Spider veins are small red or purple veins visible through the skin in the legs and face. For many, they can be unsightly and embarrassing. Luckily, the Skin Renewal Suite at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center can help you reduce the look of spider veins. Using the Alma Nd:YAG Laser, light gently penetrates the skin, heating the vessel and shrinking it so it becomes dramatically less visible or disappears completely.

What to expect

Treatments last anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes per session over several months. Temporary bruising or darkening is normal and disappears in several days or weeks. In order to avoid re-expansion of the veins, your skin renewal specialist will recommend you avoid sun exposure and baths with high temperatures, such as hot tubs.

For more information, or to request an appointment, please call our Skin Renewal Suite at (402) 815-NEWU (815-6398).